Why run your own mail server?

When someone sends mail to abc@yourdomain.com, their email program either connects directly to yourdomain.com, or it passes it off to somebody else’s mail server which then connects directly to yourdomain.com. If Your machine is yourdomain.com, it gets there right then. But if yourdomain.com is hosted by someone else, yes, it gets There immediately but that doesn’t mean that you can get it.

Consider your typical large ISP like GMAIL. How many email messages do you think land at GMAIL’s servers every second? An unimaginable number. Computers are fast, but they can only do what they can do: GMAIL may take minutes or sometimes even hours before it can process your mail and put it somewhere where you can get it.

Email Server Solution in Bangladesh

Email Server Installation

Who can benefit?

Product Promoters, Newspapers, Magazines, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Event Promoters, Event Management, Concert Promoters, Estate Agents, Real Estate Agencies, Political Parties, NGO’s, Welfare Organizations, Airlines, Astrologer, Blood Banks, Couriers, Customer Relations Dept, Departmental Stores, Distributors/Dealers Network, Educational Institutions, Cable Networks, Satellite Television, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Advertising Agencies, Hospitals, Radio Stations, Railways, Retailers, Shops, Stock Brokers, Supermarket, Travel Agencies, TV Channels and Government Departments.

Faster Communication!

Not only is the mail delivered quickly throughout the company, but any mail coming in is received immediately. When a company doesn’t have its own mail server, internal and incoming messages all have to be routed to the distant server before they are delivered. Depending on how slow the server is to connect, the messages may not be received for quite some time. A business with its own mail server eliminates the lag time between sending and receiving messages.

Mailbox cost Savings!

The owner of the mail server doesn’t have to pay anyone else for mailbox usage. Even though the cost some ISPs charge is minimal, it’s an amount of money saved in the long run.

Email Server Installation

Email Server Setup

New Email User Screen

A business is able to have complete control over its personal mail server. Usage policies can be set and enforced, incoming messages can be scanned, messages can be stored as they come in, and scanning for viruses and spam can be performed at any time.

Special tasks to a specific email

For instance, certain email addresses can be set to trigger machines that will print a copy of the email or send a fax. Other assignments might include the archival of particular messages on a CD or the sending of specific documents to the sender of the original email message – also known as an Auto responder.

Benefits of Self Hosted Email Server

Unlimited email address.
Very easily integrate with all the CRM systems and database.
Daily Report.
Save Time & Increase security.
Excellent mail sending speed.
Auto forwarder and Responder.
Manage & Marge with requirements.
Can know what happens to your email after sending.
No file and space limit like hosting service provider.
Mailbox cost-saving and time-saving.
Can do a special task for special email.
Reduce Spam mails.
Maintaining privacy and full control.
Avoid restriction by the third party.
Own address store and address book.

Email Server Installation

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