NEO Technologies is a leading and professional organization which provides any type of Technology enabled service. We have skilled engineers & they can provide the IT solutions as well.

Our Dream

NEO Technologies was founded in January 2015 by a group of Young and Energetic Engineers. Our dream was to provide One-Stop Technology Support that focused on the needs of any type of IT field. We are trying to provide the best service at a lower price than most of our competitors. Our engineers are qualified from different field and highly trained for practice fields, knowledgeable and competent individuals who provide YOU with a great experience you’ll never forget.

NEO Technologies Bangladesh

IT Support company


GOOD QualityFAST Delivery CHEAP Pricing

But, You can choose only 2 Type.

1. GOOD Quality & CHEAP Service won’t be FAST Delivery

2. GOOD Quality & FAST Delivery won’t be CHEAP Service

3. CHEAP Service & FAST Delivery won’t be GOOD Quality

Now, Choice is yours.

Data Security:

We ensure your company data is always secured. We have advanced security & data protection system for your company. We never disclose any company information, data, file or anything at any cost. But we will never commit that, your website or application will never be hacked. Because it depends on the coding quality & Server Security. We will ensure that Our server is 99.99% Secured.

Client Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is very important to us. We believe that technology can make your life simple & easy. We have a stable and dedicated Engineer having vast knowledge in the related field of technology solutions, having experience of different kinds of system automation, who can provide the best solution, which is reliable & hassle-free.

Our Commitment:

NEO Technologies has always been committed to providing its clients with best-quality services and helpful technical support. Our Goal to provide all kinds of IT related solutions. Our expert team can provide all type of IT solution. We are the one and only IT Company where you can get any Technological support & Solution and no need to depend on others.

Cost Savings:

Some of our services have the money back Guarantee. So, If you are not happy with our support, and If you claim with the valid reason, We will refund you within the time frame. We are providing the best solutions for you. You need not to pay us but need to pay for our services. Because we ensure the best customer support 365×24.

Product & Service Quality:

Quality is built in the area of project management of our all projects. A detailed management plan describes the project deliverable and testing in all stages and has the flexibility to change as the project progresses. Our Expert team members are always at your service.


All information about the project status is transparent and shared with customers during normal interactions and also during regular reviews of progress. This generally gives the IT department and the Administrative offices of the client a good overview of the project and anticipates problems in Advance.
We are the only team in Bangladesh who can take the responsibilities of your IT Support. NEO Technologies is built to provide High-quality service to you. We promise 99.99% satisfaction of our clients. We know the importance of Technology for your Company. Our professional expert team will assist your business. Allow us to prove our service quality.

Md. Tariqul Islam

Chief Executive Officer

NEO Technologies

What else can we do to convince you?